Inclined shear GS650


  • Cutting length hydraulic adjustment;
  • Inclination greater than 10% compared to competitors;
  • Road transport and handling inside the warehouse can be done without dismantling or removing any part;
  • Material shaker for antiwear steel slide;
  • Fully openable enclosing panels for easy maintenance;
  • Cyclinders equipped with smart stroke limit switches;
  • Nr. 4 hydraulic lifting outriggers with integrated lock valves;
  • High heat exchanger with performance control;
  • Engine starter panel with integrated touch screen and Industry 4.0 connection as standard;
  • Diesel tank in a convenient position for refuelling;
  • Eco-friendly latest-generation Cummins engine Tier 5;
  • Secondary control panel and remote control as standard


Shearing production:
12-15 tonnes/hour

  • Shear throat dimensions: 850×700 mm.
  • Box width: 2206 mm.
  • Inclined bottom length: 7000 mm.
  • Shearing force: 650 ton
  • Engine power: Diesel 170 KW -230 HP – T5
  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 2000 l
  • Fuel tank capacity: 250 l
  • AdBlue tank capacity: 45 l
  • Oil heater exchanger: 1 x 5 fan
  • Outriggers: yes
  • Cutting length hydraulic adjustment: yes
  • Hydraulic slide extention: yes
  • Manual operation: yes
  • Automatic cycle: yes

Slide material shaker
Sheared material hydraulic ejector
Remote control

Shearing force:
650 tonnes

Engine power:
170 Kw – 230 HP – T5

Electric motor power:
110 Kw – 150 HP

52 tonnes


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