IHD-3C 3-compression balers

The IHD-3C 3-compression balers are ideal for achieving high density and productivity.

Designed for pressing bulky scrap and sheet metal, the 3 compressions produce small-volume, high-density packs. This results in less storage space, lower transport costs and easier handling of the pack.

When the hopper is filled, the first compression starts, which presses the contents into the compaction chamber. Any pieces of sheet metal coming out of the hopper are cut by blades applied to the first pusher cylinder, which performs the first volume reduction. The second compression is applied by a vertical cylinder, which reduces the volume from above. Finally, the last compression comes from the third pusher cylinder, which presses the material from the side. The pack therefore achieves a high density in a small volume. The resulting bale is then pushed outwards by the third pusher through an output port.

The 3-compression presses allow a high output of packs per hour, with reduced costs and high efficiency. The ability to disassemble and replace all parts subject to wear and friction facilitates maintenance and saves time in favour of productivity.

The walls and bottom of the compacting box made of Hardox 400 wear-resistant steel guarantee its robustness. Their replaceability allows these machines to be used for long periods under optimal conditions. The power of these machines is provided by highly efficient electric motors of up to 400 kW.

You can choose between different pack sizes obtainable depending on your needs and the materials being pressed. Another advantage of this range, besides the significant compaction capacity, is the speed at which the material is processed, which brings significant improvements in productivity and timing of operations. Last, but not least, is the shape of this machine, which allows it to be placed in a corner of the shed or yard, taking up less space than other models.

If you want to optimise space and time, and work with compliant materials, these balers are your solution.

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