CD Shear-balers

High-productivity shear balers: no material can stop them!

These machines are designed with a very heavy structure and a box interior lined with high-strength Hardox 400 wear-resistant steel. Designed and built with the sole purpose of processing the largest amount of material in the shortest possible time.

The CD series shear balers are a must in the Idromec range. Thanks to their working power, they are able to press and shear material without great effort. The large box provides working space and enables the handling of large scrap. The engine, which can reach 600 kw, is confident of the proposed work.

The use of reputable brands, such as Bosch Rexroth and Parker for hydraulics, Siemens and Cummins for the electric and diesel engines respectively, confirm the quality of Idromec baler components.

To be compatible with every working environment, they can be ordered with a diesel engine or an electric motor. To further reduce working time, CD shear balers can be equipped with a pre-loading box.

The technology facilitates communication with the machine, which, via an optional installed modem, allows remote assistance, with a relative reduction in downtime.

It is also possible to use a radio remote control to operate the press remotely or the installation of cameras with monitors in the cab to monitor all working areas.

The world of options certainly does not end here. Idromec is always looking for new technologies or accessories to improve the productivity and utilisation of its presses.

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