SLK Shear-balers

Compact and versatile to adapt to different environments and be easily transported

SLK line shear balers are compact and versatile.

They can be placed on the ground, without any need for additional support, or they can be made in a semi-movable position, with telescopic brackets. This configuration allows you to work at different heights, or be repositioned in the yard if necessary.

The 500 T and 5 m box, considered the most compact version, is particularly suitable for fixing on a dedicated semi-trailer. All this allows the SLK series shear balers to be easily handled and transported. If you are looking for a shear baler that does not limit you in the place of use and that does not need ad hoc prepared settings, this is the range for you.

Precisely to respect the compactness of the models, the shear balers of the SLK series are presented, in the standard version, with remote control, to be able to be operated remotely. The operator’s cab, on the other hand, is usually not present, but can be added on request (optional).

To ensure customers’ needs are always met, SLK shear balers can be supplied with an electric motor or diesel engine.

The cutting economizer, a standard accessory positioned on the head, makes it possible to optimise the cutting of previously pressed material.

To improve performance, it is also possible to request the installation of the laser, which allows to accurately measure the distance between one shear cut and the other; another possibility is the addition of a preload, in which material is loaded until the press performs a compaction cycle, with the advantage of greatly reducing working times.

Thanks to their cutting strength they can shear steel, bodywork, pipes, beams and sheet metal. The Hardox 400 steel box provides the robustness you are looking for, for safe and efficient work.

Different settings, shear powers and box lengths from 500 to 6000 mm ensure you can find the right version to suit you. If you want versatility, you need a SLK


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