SL Shear-balers

Side-push shear-presses. When power is the first necessity!

SL series shear balers are designed to withstand heavy-duty use. The direct thrust of the material allows any type of section to be compressed. The main cover works over 90° to achieve greater compression on the upper part of the box as well; this is supported by a 800 to 1600 T shearing head in one piece that processes all the material introduced to size.

This series of machines makes it possible to press strong and bulky materials allowing fast results and increased productivity. Thanks to the increased space in the box given by the side thrust, bulky objects can be loaded and pressed with ease. A box length of up to 10,000 mm and a motor with a power output of up to 600 kW make these the most powerful shear balers from Idromec.

The use of reputable brands such as Bosch Rexroth and Parker for hydraulics, Siemens for electric motors, confirm the quality of the components in these machines. They are designed with a very heavy structure and a box interior lined with high-strength Hardox 400 wear-resistant steel, which guarantees their robustness.

For a greater reduction in working time, they can be fitted with a pre-loading box or, for ease of maintenance, the cutting blades can be dismantled from the front. SL shear balers can also be equipped with various optional accessories including radio remote control or laser for cutting length management. Or the addition of monitored in-cab cameras that allow observation of the work space; all to help operators at all times during the scrap and baling process.

If you need power and working space these presses are what you are looking for.

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