Car demolition balers

Designed and researched mainly for scrapping all types of automobile shells

Car demolition balers include a series of models designed and researched mainly for scrapping vehicles. The main features are therefore the size of the box, the speed and reliability.

The width and length of the box allow pressing all types of automobile shells. In particular, its length can reach up to 6000 mm, to scrap very large vehicles, and give the operator more space to handle the material inside the box.

Another key factor is compacting speed, which enables vehicle processing in less time.

Last but not least, the reliability of these models ensures continuous and efficient work, to maximise production capacity without waste and time wasting.

These are the main factors that characterise our auto-demolition balers. To adapt them to any work environment and facilitate their movement, you can choose different configurations: fixed, removable or on outriggers. You can also customise this type of balers with loading boom, front door for the ejection of the package, installation on a semi-trailer or remote control.

The 3M patented innovative movement (applicable to some models of the line) enables additional pressure on the material in the box, saving time and giving a better result in terms of compacting.

Maximum production speed and maximum efficiency are guaranteed by the hydraulic components. The status and position of all moving parts can be displayed on the machine panel by means of a specially designed sensor system. If remote intervention is necessary on the baler set-up, connection is possible via a modern remote support system (optional).

Investment in a Idromec car-demolition baler means optimising the aforementioned working performance for a positive economic outcome.


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